Garden or Wilderness?


April, 2018

By Libby

Do you know the difference between your Wilderness and your Garden? How can you find out if you don’t know?

Throughout Exodus and Numbers we see Israel not trusting God’s goodness and rebelling, following their own thoughts and desires to do as they wished. The consequence of this was them not reaching their promise land for 40 years, not because of the Lord’s doing but because of their own free will. They left their physical bondage but chose to stay in their spiritual bondage. They left Egypt but Egypt never left them. This was a season of testing, learning how to trust the goodness of God, seeing that He is faithful each time, and believing it with out rebellion living in their hearts. The wilderness is to take out rebellion, you can choose how long you sit there.

Fast Forward to the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus’ is talking with the Father in much distress over what is about to take place. His death on the cross, ultimate obedience and trust that God will do what he said. 

“we can have divine satisfaction in the love and goodness of the Father no matter what our circumstances are”

We must know the difference in wilderness times, rebellion being pulled out of us and cast away or sitting in our Garden and saying yes to the call, whatever that may be small or big, we say yes in our Garden. 

Don’t mistake your Garden for a wilderness. We have to know which place we are in, answering the question, where do I need to trust? To pull rebellion out and replace with obedience? Or To walk through what you have called me to?

There is also a third place. It is the place you are meant to be no matter which of the other two you are in. It is the Garden of Eden. It is in this place that we find divine satisfaction with the Father. When Jesus went to the cross He not only paid for our sins but He also brought us back into perfect communion with our Father, He brought us back to the Garden of Eden where we can have divine satisfaction in the love and goodness of the Father no matter the circumstance. 

So maybe you know which spot you are in, maybe you have learned to discern the difference from the wilderness and the garden. But have you been in those places while being fully satisfied in the love and goodness of the Father? If not, then just receive this revelation that you belong in that place. Where are you?

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